United customers and employees had the opportunity to hang out with some furry friends at the airline's major hubs over the holiday season (Photo: United Airlines)

The “Guide” Animal Conundrum Plaguing The Airline Industry

I was recently on a two-hour domestic flight aboard a major U.S. carrier out of Eagle County Regional Airport in Colorado. The airport sees a lot of pets pass through, as owners want to bring their furry family members along for their weeklong ski vacations. A family member traveling with me was sitting right next to a woman with her relatively large dog, who was spilling into her legroom and also into the aisle. She listened to the woman with the…

Airlines Begin Banning the Shipment of Game Trophies

In light of recent news of the killing of world renown Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe by American dentist Walter Palmer, airlines around the globe have updated their policies to no longer allow for game trophies to be shipped in their cargo holds. The first airline to make the change…