Business Aviation
Bombardier unveils the Challenger 3500 (Photo: Bombardier)

Bombardier Announces Challenger 350 Revamp

Bombardier introduced their super mid-size Challenger 3500 aircraft at their production facility in Montreal on Tuesday morning. The aircraft is a revamp of their already-existing Challenger 350 aircraft, originally introduced in 2014. While maintaining many of the 350’s features relating to performance, reliability and comfortability of ride, the manufacturer looks to modernize the aircraft by incorporating aspects seen on Bombardier’s larger Global family aircraft. “We are raising the bar on our competition with a refreshed product,” says Bombardier Chief Executive…

Bombardier Introduces New Pre-Owned Aircraft Program

The business jet manufacturer Bombardier has announced the launch of their new Bombardier Certified Pre-owned aircraft program giving its customers access to premium aircraft, experience and coverage. The program was announced shortly after the publication of their first Bombardier Pre-Owned Market Report — comprehensive data regarding all Bombardier aircraft transactions.…