PP-VBF was the historic aircraft that was recently demolished. (Photo: RuthAS [CC BY (])

Outrage in Brazil as Historic C-47/DC-3 is Shockingly Scrapped

The Brazilian aviation community was put in shock this Friday upon the news of the scrapping of a historic Douglas C-47/DC-3 in Rio de Janeiro. Emerged images of the destroyed aircraft, one of the most famous remaining DC-3s of the country, spread quickly on social media and generated a huge backlash. The aircraft was registered PP-VBF and belonged to VARIG, the historic airline officially bankrupt in 2010. Sitting in the yard of Rio de Janeiro/Galeão Airport branch of Fundação Ruben…

American Airlines Unveils DC-3 Food Truck in Los Angeles

In aviation, aircraft conversions are standard practice, with older aircraft being converted from passenger to cargo configurations. On Monday, however, American Airlines and Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum, a local Los Angeles aviation museum, unveiled the first-ever DC-3 aircraft converted into a gourmet food truck. The DC-3/food truck, named the “DC-3 Gourmet,”…