A Ryanair 737-800 aircraft (Photo: AirlineGeeks | Fabian Behr)

While Uncertainty Looms, Low-Cost Carriers Continue Preparing for Brexit

The United Kingdom and the European Union will be going their separate ways next spring, leaving many to wonder how airlines are preparing for potential changes. While both sides have already agreed to a transitional period to renegotiate air traffic rules until 2020, Ryanair and Easyjet are not taking this for granted. Remaining Uncertainty With the separation occurring soon, known throughout the world as "Brexit", the U.K. will also abandon the harmonized and liberalized “Open Sky” framework of the EU.…

Ryanair Predicts Instability in European Open Skies Agreement Following Brexit

Ryanair’s Chief Executive, Michael O’Leary, has continued to share his thoughts on the effect of Brexit to Ryanair and the aviation industry in general. On this occasion, he speculated on the impact to the European Open Skies Agreement. Speaking at a recent media event, he made the point that if…