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Arriving in Recife following Azul's first Airbus A330-900neo flight. (Photo: AirlineGeeks | João Machado)

Latin American Low-Cost Carriers Trust They Will Recover First

After being announced as the new CEO and Executive Director of the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association CEO, José Ricardo Botelho, announced that airlines operating in the Latin American and Caribbean market transported 1.08 million passengers in April, 97% less compared to April 2019, the last time 1 million people traveled in a month was in the 1960s. The situation in May was very similar. He also declared, “for June a slightly better situation looms with the opening…

Low-Cost Service in South America Ramps Up

South America’s domestic and regional aviation markets have been undergoing a significant transformation over the last few years with an increasing number of operators bringing low-fare alternatives to the region, changing the conceived perception of air travel and the way people fly. Both Indigo Partners' Chilean headquartered JetSmart's newly launched…