A Jordan Aviation A330-200. (Photo: Gautham Kurup)

Jordan Aviation Plans Flights To The United States

International expansion is a rarity during the COVID-19 pandemic as many airlines were forced to shrink schedules to international destinations due to travel restrictions and a lack of demand. However, some carriers have taken advantage of the pandemic to launch new markets. One of these carriers is Jordan Aviation. The Jordanian carrier, Jordan Aviation, wants to fly to the United States. In a Department of Transportation(DOT) filing, the airline filed for a foreign air carrier permit, which would allow for…

Delta Air Lines Begins Boeing 747 Retirement

[caption id="attachment_562" align="alignright" width="300"] A Delta Boeing 747-400 "smokes the mains" on arrival in Atlanta | Photo via Ryan Ewing[/caption] As oil prices rise, many airlines are beginning to or have already retired old, inefficient aircraft. Air New Zealand retired its final Boeing 747 aircraft last month, replacing it with…