Parked Lufthansa 747s at Frankfurt. (Photo: AirlineGeeks | Fabian Behr)

Opinion: Is This The End For Jumbo Jets?

Taking a flight down memory lane to the aviation market in the 1960s and all the way till the early 2000s, airlines then needed bigger aircraft capacity to ferry as many passengers as possible for a variety of reasons that still exists today - from weeding out the competition to maximizing whatever airport slots these airlines had. When there's a need, there is an idea bound to arise allowing for the concept of "jumbo" jets to come about. Fast forward…

Inside Victorville Airport, 400 Pandemic-Stricken Airliners Face an Uncertain Future

Head through the Mojave Desert and up Interstate 15 just north of Los Angeles, and you’ll find a relatively small, unsuspecting airport with no commercial air service. Airfields such as this one aren’t uncommon in California, but this particular one stands out. ComAv Technical Services, located at Southern California Logistics…