A British Airways 747 at Washington Dulles International Airport (Photo: AirlineGeeks | Craig Fischer)

British Airways and the Boeing 747 — A Look Back Through History

The warning signs were there in March when the coronavirus stopped the aviation industry dead in its tracks. The knock-on effects from the global downturn of passenger traffic were already being calculated by airlines across the world, with decisions being made for what life would look like for airlines post-COVID. When chaos and disruption occur in the industry – September 11, the 2008 financial crash and now the coronavirus pandemic – airline bosses and bean counters look at ways in…

British Airways Welcomes Last Retro Livery: Negus

British Airways unveiled the fourth and final retro livery as a Boeing 747-400 painted in 'Negus' colors touched down at London's Heathrow Airport on Thursday morning, continuing the airline's 100-year centenary celebrations. The livery appeared in 1974 and was the first to bring back the name “British airways," which first…