An Air Canada A330-300 (Photo: Air Canada)

Air Canada’s First Refurbished A330 Takes to the Sky

Amidst the global pandemic, several airlines around the world are facing many obstacles, including deciding which aircraft should retire from the fleet. In the case of Air Canada, the airline has taken a different approach to this dilemma by celebrating the first flight of its newly refurbished Airbus A330. The first flight marked a special milestone for the Montreal-based carrier, especially during these challenging times.  The refurbished aircraft registered as C-GFUR, a 20-year-old A330, flew from Montreal to Vancouver on…

Delta’s Refurbished 777 is a Win For Passengers

Earlier this month, Delta unveiled its first refurbished Boeing 777-200 featuring the carrier’s new business and premium economy classes. The airline operates a fleet of 18 Boeing 777-200s, with ten Long Range (LR) variants and eight Extended Range (ER) variants. With an average age of 16.7 years, Delta is also…