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N118UA is adorned with a lei by the United team in Honolulu (Photo: AirlineGeeks | Alex Navitsky)

A Reminiscent Farewell: United’s Boeing 747-400 Takes Final Flight from San Francisco to Honolulu

On Tuesday, United Airlines flew the last commercial flight for its Boeing 747-400 aircraft, marking the end of an era for the Chicago-based airline. The iconic jumbo jet, lovingly referred to as the "Queen of the Skies" by the aviation community, flew its last flight for United from San Francisco to Honolulu, Hawaii as UA flight 747. The 2,400 mile long flight from the U.S. mainland to the 50th state not only traveled across time zones but also traveled back in…

The September 11th Jetway Tributes

While it may seem like an ordinary part of airline travel, these jetways were the last part of their journey for those lost on 9/11. Over the fifteen years since the attacks, I steadily started noticing that they marked the gate of flight 93 with an American flag at Newark…