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Up in the Air: Silent Discos and Disney Dreams with LIFT Airlines

From mid-air dance parties to Disney dreams, LIFT Airlines takes flight to thrill passengers

LIFT Airlines’ new Disney livery (Photo: LIFT Airlines)

Imagine boarding a plane for a routine journey and being greeted with an electrifying performance at 36,000 feet. That’s precisely what happened to passengers aboard LIFT flights departing from Cape Town International Airport to Johannesburg and OR Tambo International Airport to Cape Town last week as they were treated to an extraordinary mid-air performance.

Partying at 36,000 Feet: The Silent Disco Spectacle

On October 16, LIFT Airlines elevated the concept of inflight entertainment (IFE) by hosting a live silent disco at an astonishing 36,000 feet. Passengers aboard flights GE132 and GE133 between Cape Town and Johannesburg experienced the unexpected thrill of a silent disco. Equipped with headphones, travelers could be seen dancing in their seats and even in the aisles. The energy and excitement in the air were contagious, turning the flight into a unique dance party.

Zolani Mahola, famously known as ‘The One Who Sings,’ serenaded passengers with LIFT’s official anthem as part of the company’s #upLIFTsa mission. The surprise performance created a unique and uplifting experience for travelers, continuing LIFT’s tradition of hosting inflight performances by talented artists and entertainers.

In a statement, Jonathan Ayache, CEO of LIFT, expressed their commitment to uplifting the South African artistic community, emphasizing the importance of supporting local businesses and talents. He stated, “Our dream is to let LIFT become a springboard for musicians, artists, and entertainers around the country. From here, the sky really is the limit.”

Since its launch in December 2020, LIFT Airlines has consistently surprised its passengers with extraordinary inflight performances. The Cape Town Opera, artist Divin Mahara, and comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout have all graced the skies with their talents. Zolani Mahola’s surprise silent disco performance marked her return to LIFT after collaborating on the airline’s anthem.

Disney Takes Flight: “May Your Wishes Come True”

But LIFT’s surprises don’t stop at silent discos. On October 19, LIFT Airlines joined forces with the Walt Disney Company Africa to unveil a special livery that marks the beginning of Disney’s “May Your Wishes Come True” campaign, South Africa’s biggest festive campaign. This extraordinary livery features some of Disney’s most beloved characters, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Moana, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Elsa from Frozen, and Grogu from Star Wars. It also showcases Asha from Disney’s upcoming animated film “Wish.”

This Disney-inspired livery is set to bring magic to the skies and can be seen on LIFT’s Airbus A320, registered as ZS-GAS. The aircraft made its debut flight on October 20 from Johannesburg to Durban, and it’s also set to enchant passengers in Cape Town.

Jonathan Ayache, the CEO of LIFT, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “With our new livery, together we celebrate the love, magic, and family togetherness that signals the festive season.” LIFT Airlines, in collaboration with Disney, plans to make the holiday season even more special for passengers. Expect special giveaways and kids’ activity packs to make flying with children a breeze during the holidays.

LIFT Airlines isn’t stopping here. The airline has more surprises in store for lucky travelers between December 1 and 12 on specific flights. Passengers and fans are encouraged to share their experiences by tagging LIFT_SA and DisneyAfrica with #DisneyandLIFT on social media.

In the words of Christine Service, Senior Vice President and General Manager of The Walt Disney Company Africa, “We hope that this exciting and unique collaboration with LIFT will bring delight to travelers of all ages this holiday season.” Jonathan Ayache sees this partnership with Disney as a perfect fit, as it resonates with families and brings a sense of wonder and excitement to the upcoming school holidays and family celebrations.

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