A Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330-200 taxiing in Boston. (Photo: AirlineGeeks | Ben Suskind)

Hawaiian Airlines Expands Continental U.S. Presence In 2021

Following a $97 million loss during the third quarter and the announcement of Boeing 787 delivery deferrals until 2022, Hawaiian Airlines is expanding its continental U.S. network for 2021 as travel begins to rebound. The Honolulu-based airline will fly to three more U.S. mainland destinations next year including Austin; Ontario, Calif. and Orlando. The 16th largest airline in North America, Hawaiian airlines will serve 16 continental U.S. destinations as of April 2021. Peter Ingram, President and CEO of Hawaiian Airlines,…

As Traffic Dwindles, Austin-Bergstrom Hosts Online Music Festival for Passengers

Empty flights as a result of the COVID-19 crisis have turned bustling airport terminals across the country into eerie, empty halls with closed concession stands and flight display systems showing just a handful of flights per day. As airlines reported record passenger numbers in the years leading up to 2020,…