A United 777-200 at Washington-Dulles (Photo: AirlineGeeks | Craig Fischer)

United’s Bad Week With Travelling Pets

This past week has been a week to forget for United Airlines as three separate incidents with passengers' pets have caused a PR nightmare for the airline. One incident involved a passengers pet passing away on a flight, while the other two involved pets being sent to the wrong destination. The public backlash has hit United hard, and politicians are already looking to create regulations for airlines regarding pet travel. The first incident occurred on Monday when a carrier with…

U.S. Airlines and Their Varying Pet Policies

Following the crackdown on faux emotional support animals and the two United Airlines incidents this past week, it is important that travelers know what to expect when bringing their pets onboard airplanes. For example, did you know that pets can’t fly as cargo on many Airbus aircraft due to the…