The Four Seasons jet (Photo provided by Four Seasons)

Four Seasons Unveils the Interior Of Its Private Jet Experience

In order to continue to develop a luxury experience for all of its customers, Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts has recently unveiled the interior of their Four Seasons Private Jet. EXTRA: An Above Water Cruise Aboard the Four Seasons Jet While information on the aircraft was originally released in November of 2014, Four Seasons has officially unveiled the interior of the Boeing 757 along with its designated routes for 2016. The aircraft is an attempt by the resort chain to…

An Above Water Cruise Aboard the Four Seasons Jet

Did Air New Zealand get a 757? No, they did not, but this aircraft is much more luxurious than any commercial airliner out there. Toronto based luxury hotel brand, Four Seasons, announced recently that they will begin private jet itineraries around the world. For a hefty $119,000, you can fly…