A 777X lines up on the runway to conduct taxi and brake tests at Paine Field. (Photo: AirlineGeeks | Katie Bailey)

Why Boeing Needs the 777X to Have A Smooth Path to Service

Earlier this week, Boeing announced it expected it's Boeing 777X to make its first flight as soon as Jan. 23, an event that would put an end to a months-long delay that has only exacerbated the manufacturing giant's financial troubles. Originally, the company expected the 777X to first take flight in the second or third quarter of 2019, but issues with the engines on the aircraft — the new General Electric GE9X — meant the company had to indefinitely postpone…

IAG Announces 777X Commitment for British Airways

Just days after AirlineGeeks first reported a possible British Airways deal with Boeing for the manufacturer’s newest long-haul aircraft, the Boeing 777X, British Airways parent company International Airlines Group (IAG) placed a commitment for 18 Boeing 777-9 aircraft, with options for 24 more in the future. The aircraft will all…