Investigators examine the aircraft's damaged engine (Photo: NTSB)

A String of Bad Luck? Three Near Back-to-Back Aviation Incidents in 24 Hours

The East Coast's commercial aviation sector was hit with a heavy dose of bad luck early this week, featuring three back-to-back inflight mechanical incidents involving separate U.S. airlines. In every case, however, the rigid and persistent nature of commercial aviation safety in the United States prevailed, despite the death of one passenger on Southwest flight 1380. Each of the incidents occurred within less than 500 miles of each other. Southwest Flight 1380 Southwest flight 1380, a Boeing 737-700, was departing New…

The Inauspicious “Curse” of Flight 191

What’s in a flight number? Most flight numbers are assigned based on one of two factors; the route of the flight, such as short haul and long haul, or based on the operator of the flight, for example "American Eagle operated by Republic Airways." When the worst happens and a…