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Goodbye, Joomla! Hello, WordPress!

Today is the day that my team at AirlineGeeks.com has been waiting for since December of last year. We have been working overtime to make this new website possible. Our goal this entire timeNo More Joomla has been to make your experience as our reader better than ever before.

We realized that our old website, run through Joomla.org, was not suited for the interest of our readers. We wanted to give more of a magazine feeling to the website. That’s where WordPress.org came into play.

Not only was Joomla not friendly to our readers, but posting articles was an absolute pain in the butt! Imagine sitting in rush hour traffic on your way home, when suddenly there’s a horrible accident ahead that shuts down the whole highway. Your only choice is to take the next off ramp and turn around the other direction? That’s essentially how it was to use Joomla. I would begin to post a story, pretty much finish it and then BAM! All my work was gone and I had to start all over again. Not only is this new website more attractive to our readers, but it’s SO much easier for our entire team to post content for all of you.

We initially designed the new AirlineGeeks.com in the middle of December last year, but kicked it to the curb because it just didn’t suit our needs. This process happened two more times before we finally landed on the design that you’re looking at right now.

“The new website is just the beginning for AirlineGeeks,” said Founder and President Ryan Ewing. “With it, we hope to greatly engage our current readers, but also attract new followers. The new website was created with you, our audience members, in mind.”

Hello WordPressPart of our goal with this new website is to provide you with more specific content. Want some airport news? We’ve got it. Need your weekly fixing of Throwback Thursday content? We’ve got that as well. Anything that involves the airlines, you’ll be sure to find here on AirlineGeeks.com.

“This is going to be the start of a new chapter for AirlineGeeks,” said Director of Podcasts and Copy Editor Greg Linton.

If you ever have any suggestions as to what you would like to see on our website, feel more than free to reach out to us. You can tweet at us using the handle @AirlineGeeks, post on our Facebook page or use the “Contact Us” tab at the top of our website.

To see our President and Founder’s point-of-view on the Joomla-to-WordPress transition, click here.

For a brief guide and explanation of some of the new features and pages on our website, click here.

And until next time, Fly Higher.


  • AirlineGeeks.com began in February, 2013 as a one-man (er… teenager, rather) show. Since then, we’ve grown to have 20 active team members, and yes, we’re still growing. Some of us are looking to work in the aviation industry as professionals when we grow older. Some of us are still trying to decide what we want to do. That’s okay though, because we’re all here for the same reason: we love the airlines. We’re the youngest team of airline industry journalists out there.

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