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A Delta 737-700 in Jackson Hole (Photo: AirlineGeeks

Good Traveler Program Adds Jackson Hole Airport to Partner List

Jackson Hole Airport (KJAC) in Wyoming sits in the picturesque Teton Range of the Rocky Mountains. It enjoys the unique designation of being the only commercial airport in the United States within a national park. Given that status, it is no surprise that KJAC seeks to be a leader in sustainability and recently announced that it has joined The Good Traveler Program.

The Good Traveler Program originated in San Diego back in 2015 and is now operated by the non-profit organization Rocky Mountain Institute.  Designed as a user-friendly way to help ease air travel’s impact on the environment, The Good Traveler Program allows you to help offset the carbon emissions of your air travel by contributing to certified offset projects.

An offset project is one that is certified to offset carbon emissions by keeping greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere somewhere else.  The offset projects The Good Traveler Program helps support include projects involving wind energy, capturing methane from landfills, restoring wetlands, and growing forests.

Air travelers interested in reducing the carbon footprint of their travel via The Good Traveler Program will find the process relatively simple. Three steps are involved in the purchase of an offset; first, you calculate the distance of your trip. You purchase an offset for the distance of the trip ($2.00 covers 1,000 air miles, which according to The Good Traveler offsets about 344 pounds of carbon dioxide).  The Good Traveler Program then invests the funds in carbon reduction projects.

Jackson Hole’s Airport Director, Jim Elwood, had positive feedback about The Good Traveler Program: “By providing our travelers an affordable opportunity to offset the carbon emissions we are partnering with them in our efforts to be sustainable,” said Elwood. “We hear from locals and visitors that they are interested in being part of the solution when it comes to offsetting carbon emissions, and we are proud to bring this program to Jackson Hole.”

The Good Traveler Program has partnered with several major airports around the United States since getting its start back in 2015. Atlanta, San Francisco, Seattle, and Dallas/Fort Worth are all members of The Good Travel Program. Also included in The Good Traveler Program are the airports of The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the Indianapolis Airport Authority. The Rocky Mountain Institute continuing to work to expand the number of airport partners. The Good Traveler Program is not the only avenue to offset the carbon footprint of your air travel. Many airlines offer carbon offset programs as well.

Jordan Green
Jordan Green
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