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Wingo Suspends Flights between Bogota and Mexico City: Impact and Options for Passengers

A Wingo Boeing 737-8 at Bogotá Airport

A Wingo Boeing 737-8 at Bogotá Airport (Photo: Pablo Diaz- Aviacionline)

Wingo, Copa Holdings’ low-cost airline, has announced that it will suspend its flights between Bogota (BOG) and Mexico City (MEX) starting from April 16. Until then, the company will continue to operate up to three flights per week.

The low-cost airline began operations in Mexico on December 1, 2016, when it inaugurated its flights between Bogota, Mexico City, and Cancun. Prior to the change in corporate image and model, Aerorepublica operated these links.

Wingo and its flights to Mexico

The decision of the low-cost airline to cease its flights between Bogota and Mexico City is a response to the need to add new offers of seats in other destinations. In the coming weeks, Wingo will add three new routes in the domestic market of Colombia: Barranquilla (BAQ), Bucaramanga (BGA), and Pereira (PEI) from Bogota.

Currently, the company has nine Boeing 737-800 aircraft, with a capacity of 186 passengers.

However, Wingo will maintain its operations in Mexico by connecting:

Cancun-Cali, with three flights per week. Cancun-Medellin, with four flights per week. Cancun-Bogota, with seven flights per week.

According to the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC) of Mexico, in 2022, Wingo transported 250,282 passengers between the two countries.

What to do if you had tickets with Wingo?

According to a statement, Wingo will comply with what is established by aeronautical regulations. In the first instance, it informed the competent authorities of the decision to cease that link, in addition to initiating a protection plan for travelers.

For tickets for flights after April 19, passengers can choose the following options:

Change route without penalty Request a refund of 100% of the ticket value and obtain additional compensation equivalent to 30% of the airfare. This payment can be obtained in a voucher or in the form of payment of the ticket. April travelers can request the endorsement option through Copa Airlines to fly to the destination.

Colombian airlines continue to dominate flights between Mexico and Colombia

The market between Mexico and Colombia has been severely affected by the recent events of 2023. The disappearance of VIVA and the decrease in Wingo’s offer of seats will affect the offer of seats between the two countries. Colombia and Mexico were among the few countries in the region with few sanitary restrictions due to COVID-19, which made them attractive to tourists from both states.

The airlines of both countries took advantage of the demand to expand massively between 2021 and 2022. According to information obtained through Cirium, Colombian airlines (Avianca, Wingo, and VIVA) have dominated with more than 60% of the share the monthly flight offer in 2022.

However, Mexican airlines will take advantage of the gaps left by other airlines: Viva Aerobus recently added two new routes, connecting Bogota with Monterrey and Guadalajara.


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