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Starting off as an aviation news website in February 2013, transformed into a leading airline-focused news center. Today, we’ve grown to provide news coverage and spread the same love and passion that we all have for the aviation industry. We’re growing, both as a media organization and as individuals.

Think you’re ready to join us? Please feel free to submit your information on the forms below. As we have continued to grow our team, we are challenging our own team members, as well as interested candidates, to think outside the box and find ways to grow our site through roles that don’t even exist yet. And really, that’s the great thing about It’s your job to tell us what you want and how you can add value to our fast-moving organization.

Please note that positions are only volunteer positions for now, though we are continuing to evaluate opportunities for the future that may provide an income to our team members.

Current Openings:

IT Manager

  • Do you have experience in IT, as well as management? AirlineGeeks is looking for someone to manage our daily website operations on the back-end, and be at the ready for any issues that may arise. If you think you have the skills and knowledge to accomplish the tasks outlined below, please fill out the form or email [email protected]

Daily tasks include:

  • Facilitating day-to-day website operations
  • Serving as webmaster
  • Controlling and monitoring web databases
  • Working with hosting partners to resolve issues
  • Monitoring and helping to resolve team-related issues

Video Producer

  • Do you like filming and producing content? AirlineGeeks is looking for someone with YouTube and editing experience that can grow our media outlets such as YouTube, FaceBook, and Twitter. If you have these skills and a willingness to create great content seen across the globe, apply today! Email

International Writer 

  • Do you have a passion for aviation, as well as experience with professional or semi-professional journalism? Do you want to write the latest scoop in the airline industry? This is the position for you! AirlineGeeks is looking for someone with experience in journalism to create quality content for the AirlineGeeks website for the European, Asian, and South American regions!

Daily tasks include:

  •  Writing engaging articles on contemporary airline topics
  •  Coordinating with team members to schedule content
  •  Contacting professionals in the airline industry for content and interviews
  •  Scanning social media and major news organizations for aviation news with a focus on a specified region
  • Ability to meet the requirement of at least one published article per week.

Interested? Please fill out the form below AND email your resume to our Recruitment Lead, Craig Fischer at [email protected]

Requirements for all positions include:

  •  Proficiency in English, both written and spoken
  •  Ability to attend bi-weekly virtual staff meetings