A Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 717 (Photo: AirlineGeeks | Ian McMurtry)

The Next Best Option: What is Hawaiian Airlines’ Boeing 717 Replacement?

While the narrowbody market tends to show the overarching use that the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 can bring to an airline, there are some narrowbody holes that are slowly being exposed as older model aircraft age. One example is the Boeing 757, whose versatility has proven that no one aircraft can replace it. Another much less common one is the Hawaiian Airlines inter-island fleet of Boeing 717s, which are starting to show age with the airline claiming there is…

Trip Report: Hawaiian Island-Hopping on Hawaiian Airlines

While the typical U.S. traveler may complain about the decline in airline competition in the mainland United States over the last few years, Hawaiians have experienced even more challenges. Carriers like go!, Aloha and Island Air have collapsed, paving the way for Hawaiian Airlines to stand mostly uncontested on inter-island routes.…