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A mock up of the airline's first A321neo jet (Photo: La Compagnie)

La Compagnie Announces All Business Class A321neo Order

French boutique airline La Compagnie became the first airline to order two Airbus A321neo aircraft in an all business class configuration on Thursday. The Le Bourget-based carrier believes that by choosing the A321neo to join the fleet, they are strengthening the company’s “French-in-spirit” philosophy which has made them stand out from other airlines. In a statement, Laurent Magnin, the CEO of La Compagnie said, “By selecting Airbus and its A321neo, we are able to illuminate our French touch while reinventing…

La Compagnie Closes Luton-New York Route: Is BREXIT To Blame?

France's boutique airline La Compagnie has announced that they will be suspending their Luton-New York flight due to the effects of Britain's decision to leave the European Union. 53.4% of the British population voted for the country to leave the union, which gave grave concerns to many businesses around the…