Photo courtesy of Ryan Krautkremer

It’s Okay, Boeing. We forgive you. Here’s why.

The number 4. Sandwiched between two 7’s, this number in the 747 LCF name also designates how many of these whales roam the skies of our planet. And most mornings, around 6:30 a.m., one flies over my house at an altitude of 2200 feet on final approach for runway 16R at Paine Airfield. The four Pratt & Whitney PW4062’s powering this behemoth create quite the racket, just enough to raise me from my slumber with a sleepy grin. I don't…

Another Great Year at Paine Field Aviation Day

Young people in aviation is a problem that is more prevalent than ever. The topic of young adults in aviation is something I dove into in an article I wrote previously.  Fortunately, events like Aviation Day at Paine Field are slowly bringing a solution to an ever-expanding problem. One of…