An Airbus A320 aircraft in house colors. (Photo: Laurent ERRERA from L'Union, France [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]

Airbus Introduces New Cabin Definition Center for A320 and A330 Aircraft

Have you ever wondered how airlines decide what their aircraft will look like on the inside? Well, the process will be made easier as Airbus is opening a new Airspace Customer Definition Center in Hamburg, Germany, an expansion to the already existing A350 Definition Center. As Airbus is rolling out its new Airspace by Airbus cabin features to the A330 and A320 families, the new facility will give Airbus and airline customers the ability to be involved in the design…

Weak Link in Boeing’s Supply Chain Limiting 737 Production

Recently, news came to light that one of Boeing’s suppliers, Spirit AeroSystems, was facing difficulties in providing Boeing 737 fuselages to the aircraft manufacturer, further complicating Boeing’s plans to ramp up production of the popular aircraft in the face of growing demand Subcontractor and Labor Delays The Spirit AeroSystems fuselage…