• Delta Air Lines Begins Boeing 747 Retirement

    Delta Air Lines Begins Boeing 747 Retirement

    As oil prices rise, many airlines are beginning to or have already retired old, inefficient aircraft. Air New Zealand retired its final Boeing 747 aircraft last month, replacing it with a fleet of seven 777s. Lately, many Asian airlines have followed suit to stay in line with their competitors. China Eastern Airlines and China Airlines (Taiwan) recently took delivery of their first 777-300ERs.

  • Mitsubishi Rolls Out MRJ

    Mitsubishi Rolls Out MRJ

    On Oct. 18, 2014, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation rolled out the first Japanese commercial airliner since the YS-11 entered service in 1965.  The aircraft is called the Mitsubishi Regional Jet, or MRJ. Originally, the MRJ was planned to be constructed almost entirely of carbon materials, but those plans have sinced changed and the MRJ will be composed of primarily aluminum.

  • Live It On Up in Dallas' Sky

    Live It On Up in Dallas' Sky

    As of Oct. 13, 2014, the Wright Amendment was repealed. Restricting air carrier operations to those states immediately bordering Texas, the amendment was an effort by politicians in 1979 to promote traffic at the newly built Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. A big step for the Dallas-based Southwest Airlines, other airlines are also taking advantage of the new market opportunities.

  • Wright Amendment Lifted

    Wright Amendment Lifted

    Calling all Dallas Love Field travelers! It’s that day that everyone has been waiting for. As of exactly 12:01 a.m. on Oct. 13, 2014, the Wright Amendment is no longer in effect.