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The AvGeek Passion: A Look Into the Eyes of an Aviation Enthusiast

by Chase Meyer in Exclusive

In my freshman year of high school (I'm a sophomore now), I was digging my paws really hard into the journalism industry through an introduction class. Our last big project was to write a featured article on something that touches our hearts. Being that aviation is an industry that is very near and dear to me, I decided to take a look into the eyes of another aviation enthusiast. This is that article. So, sit down and buckle that seat belt low and tight across your waist. This is The #AvGeek Passion. [...]


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Alaska Airlines To Link Boise and Spokane

by Jace Moseley in Airline Business

On Wednesday, March 18, 2015, Seattle-based, Alaska Airlines, announced a new route, not out of Seattle, but out of Boise, Idaho. The new route will link Spokane, Washington [...]



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