The World’s Most Travelled Man

January 13, 2019

When you think of whom may have flown the most on aircraft, most would assume it is a pilot. Or possibly a long-serving flight attendant. Or an independently wealthy aviation geek. It is, however, a passenger:

Airline Privatization: Partial Privatization (Part 4)

January 8, 2019

Throughout this series surrounding airline privatization we have explored numerous ways airlines can join the public markets, such as public issuance of shares, trade sales, and gradual privatization. We’ve gone through a large chunk of

Airline Privatization: Trade Sales (Part 2)

December 27, 2018

In the previous article, we discussed privatization through public share issuance, with the example being British Airways. The airline was run by the government and through the issuance of public stock, the company was privatized

Germany to Ban Iran’s Mahan Air in January

December 23, 2018

The government of Germany is to impose a ban on Iran’s second largest airline, according to a report in the Bild newspaper. Mahan Air, which currently operates six times per week to destinations in Munich

Sun Country Takes Flight to the North Pole

December 18, 2018

While Sun Country Airlines is known for transporting Minnesotans down south to destinations out of the cold during the winter season, the airline conducted a special flight to an even colder destination than Minneapolis, the

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