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Photo provided by Tyler Tashji

Things Aviation Administration Majors Hear

There are things Aviation Administration majors hear on a daily basis that really grind our (landing) gears.

What’s that?

Whether you’re telling your family, friends, a teacher, or even somebody at your college what your major is, this is the most commonly asked question you’ll hear. I have heard it so many times that I’ve actually considered getting my major’s description and curriculum tattooed on my forehead.


So, you want to be a pilot?

When you tell somebody you’re majoring in aviation administration, they fail to hear the latter half and the first question out of their mouth is, “Oh, so do you want to be a pilot or…?”

There’s more to aviation than being a pilot.


What a useless major

Can anybody with an aviation administration degree please stand up or raise your hand?


Now quit your job.

Now I’d like to see how “useless” it is.

Why do you always look up when you hear an airplane even if you know you can’t see it?

Because even though it’s irrational, there’s the slightest chance a Qantas 747 is diverting to Chicago and I need to be sure of it. Although, it’s probably just a Southwest 737.


So, you’re flying on a plane just to fly on it? Seems like a waste of money…

Well, maybe to you it is. But, I bet you can’t say you’ve been on the entire United Airlines fleet except the 767-400ER and 787-9?

I didn’t think so…

Image provided by Tyler Tashji

Can you get me free flights?

Um, no.


Tyler Tashji
Tyler Tashji
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