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Hawaiian Airlines Debuts New Boeing 787 Cabins

Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 787-9 economy class cabin (Photo: Hawaiian Airlines)

Hawaiian Airlines has revealed the cabin designs for its new Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. The airline has 12 Boeing 787-9s on order, with the first delivery expected later this year.

The new Dreamliners will feature a total of 300 seats, with 34 lie-flat business class seats and 266 economy class seats. Hawaiian’s Boeing 787-9s are slated to enter service in early 2024 and deliveries will continue through 2027.

Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 787-9 (Photo: Hawaiian Airlines)

Leihōkū: Garland of Stars

Hawaiian’s Boeing 787-9s will feature a new business class product called Leihōkū, meaning “garland of stars” in Hawaiian. The business class cabins will feature 34 lie-flat suites with doors in a 1-2-1 configuration. Center seats will have a retractable divider that allows guests travelling together to share a space. Each seat will also feature an 18-inch entertainment screen, as well as charging outlets and wireless charging.

Hawaiian Airlines’ Boeing 787-9 business class product is called Leihōkū, meaning “garland of stars” in Hawaiian (Photo: Hawaiian Airlines)

The seats selected by Hawaiian are Adient Aerospace’s Ascent seat, which can also be found on Qatar Airways’ Boeing 787-9s. Adient Aerospace is a joint venture between Boeing and automotive seat manufacturer Adient.

Hawaiian Airlines’ has selected the Adient Aerospace Ascent seat for its Boeing 787-9 business class cabin (Photo: Hawaiian Airlines)

Hawaiian’s 787 Main Cabin

The economy class cabin will have 266 Collins Aerospace Aspire seats. Each seat will feature ergonomically countered back and arm rests, a 12-inch seatback entertainment screen and USB-A and USB-C charging ports. There will also be 79 “Extra Comfort” seats with more legroom and AC power outlets.

Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 787-9 economy class features Collins Aerospace Aspire seats (Photo: Hawaiian Airlines)

A Nod to Hawaiian Culture

The cabins on Hawaiian’s new Dreamliners feature various Hawaii-inspired design elements. The airline aims to celebrate Polynesian navigators and worked with design consultant Teague to honor those who sailed the Pacific by observing the sun, stars, winds, waves and wildlife.

Hawaiian’s Boeing 787-9 cabins will have a simulated sky that can depict various themes, including sunrises, sunsets and soft daylight. The cabins will also be able to display a star-lit ceiling that will allow passengers in Leihōkū seats to gaze upwards at a starry sky.

A starry ceiling in Hawaiian Airlines’ Boeing 787-9 cabin (Photo: Hawaiian Airlines)

Other design touches that pay tribute to Hawaiian culture include wall panels depicting native wood grains and lavatory floors inspired by black volcanic sand. The airline stated that laminates and fabrics will reflect the forms of native plants and that the Hawaiian language will be integrated into seat row numbers and cabin placards.

Hawaiian Airlines’ Boeing 787-9 cabins feature wall panels depicting native wood grains (Photo: Hawaiian Airlines)

“The combination of our evocative cabin design and unparalleled service will make our 787 the most relaxing and enjoyable choice for travel to and from Hawaiʻi,” said Avi Mannis, chief marketing and communications officer at Hawaiian Airlines in a press release. “We take pride in sharing our home with our guests, and the design and details of this product truly reflect what it means to be the flagship carrier of the Hawaiian Islands.”

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