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JSX Bets on Small Community Air Service

The carrier says it plans to use a new fleet of hybrid-electric aircraft to operate in underserved communities and reduce carbon emissions.

Aendering of the Aura Aero Era 19-seat hybrid-electric aircraft in JSX livery. (Photo: Aura Aero)

Semi-private operator JSX is making a major push towards sustainable air travel with the intended acquisition of up to 332 hybrid-electric aircraft from three different manufacturers. This landmark deal positions JSX as a leader in the green aviation movement and promises to bring reliable flight operations to underserved communities across the United States under the carrier’s Part 135 and Part 380 operating certificates.

The diverse fleet will consist of 82 Electra eSTOLs, which are 9-seat aircraft that can takeoff and land in as little as 150 feet, making them ideal for connecting small communities that don’t have access to traditional airports. This includes 32 firm orders and 50 options

Also part of the intended acquisition is 150 Aura Aero Era aircraft with 50 firm orders and 100 options. These 19-seat aircraft have a range of 900 nautical miles, making them ideal for regional travel.

In addition, JSX intends to acquire 100 ES-30 aircraft from Heart Aerospace with 50 firm orders and an additional 50 options. Featuring 30 seats, these aircraft can fly up to 500 miles on a combination of hybrid and electric power. Previous orders for Heart Aerospace’s electric aircraft include United and Mesa Air Group for a total of 200 frames with options for an additional 100,

A rendering of JSX’s ES-30 aircraft (Photo: Heart Aerospace)

An Emphasis on Small Communities

As part of this deal, JSX expects to expand its service to thousands of small airports in the U.S. In Tuesday’s press release, the carrier noted that its unique operating structure provides an advantage for service to small communities.

Currently, the carrier largely operates its fleet of Embraer aircraft between major cities and other leisure markets. However, JSX has recently shifted much of its operations from larger airports to smaller ones, including a recent announcement to move from Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport to Scottsdale Airport.

Sample route map of JSX air service options enabled using Aura Aero Era, Heart ES-30 and Electra eSTOL aircraft. (Photo: JSX)

“JSX is, by far, America’s highest rated and most innovative air carrier, and today’s order of hybrid-electric aircraft exemplifies our commitment to achievable, customer-friendly, carbon-reducing solutions that will offer the lower costs essential to providing vital air service to smaller communities across the country,” said Alex Wilcox, JSX CEO and Co-Founder in the press release.

“As the network airlines order ever-larger aircraft it is inevitable that more and more small markets will be abandoned. Electra, Aura Aero, and Heart Aerospace are visionary organizations that share in JSX’s commitment to serving smaller communities, working together with us to weave sustainable regional air travel back into the fabric of American commerce and freedom of movement,” Wilcox added.

The first deliveries of the new hybrid-electric aircraft are expected to begin in 2028.

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