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A Korean Air A330 departs from Honolulu (Photo: Ian McMurtry)

Asian Infusion: A Look at Honolulu’s Increasing Asian Competition

While Honolulu may be a popular destination for many Americans to travel to every year, the success airlines have found flying west of the islands has created a large market to the Oceania and Asia market. As a result, heavy competition has ensued in the years following as carriers try to win over new markets. Carriers flying to the Hawaiian islands can be traced back to the propeller-driven days and the increasing demand placed on cross-Pacific travel after World War…

Chaebol Conquest: A Look at Korean Aviation

While many western companies have seen the rise of corporate conglomerates since the 1990s, the South Korean market has had a long history of Korean conglomerates, which are locally called chaebols, dominating the market. As to be expected, the aviation industry is no stranger to chaebols, with the top three…