San Antonio International Airport $2.5 Billion Overhaul Approved (Photo: San Antonio International Airport )

San Antonio International Airport Gets Unanimous Approval For Expansion

The San Antonio City Council recently reached a unanimous decision to grant the San Antonio International Airport $2.5 billion in funding to be put towards major improvements such as the revamping of their existing Terminal A, as well as a prospective new third terminal, which will become Terminal C. The proposal looks to bring more foot traffic to the city by making the airport more accessible and attractive to potential serving airlines, including international flights.  The nation's seventh most populous…

Coordinating Back-to-Back 787 Critical Cargo Flights

It usually takes months, if not years for airlines to gain approval to operate international routes. Between securing the right ground service equipment at the airport to coordinating with the respective governments, there are many boxes that need to be checked off before an international flight can take flight. The…