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Safety instructions onboard Southwest Airlines' new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft (Photo: Joe Pesek)

What It’s Like to Fly Onboard Southwest’s New Boeing 737 MAX 8

“My name is Gary Kelly, and I am an employee here at Southwest Airlines.” This was the unique start that Southwest’s CEO, Gary Kelly, had to say when his team opened the door for the first flight of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 operated by a U.S-based airline. The comment may have gotten some chuckles from the group of AvGeeks boarding the airplane, but employees instantly stood proudly as if this wasn’t just a new aircraft, but a tenacious group…

99 Years of Feeling The “Love” at Dallas Love Field

October 19th marked the 99th anniversary of the opening of one of the most controversial and most heartfelt airports in the United States, Dallas Love Field. The airport has grown from an army base to the headquarters of one of the United States' largest airlines. In between, it has seen…