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A Sun Country 737 lifts off. (Photo: AirlineGeeks | William Derrickson)

Sun Country Airlines Adds Midwestern Beverages, Snacks, Entertainment to Inflight Menu

Sun Country Airlines has revamped its inflight menu to consist of several new food and beverage options sourced from local Midwestern brands. The Minneapolis-based carrier has newly partnered with Caribou Coffee, Fulton Brewing and Dot’s Pretzels, all Minnesota-based companies, as part of its new initiative to provide a more Midwest experience to travelers on its flights.

In addition to a Midwest-sourced food and beverage program, Sun Country is also screening 15 Minnesota-themed movies and TV shows as part of its free onboard offerings. Travelers will be able to enjoy titles such as Purple Rain, The Mighty Ducks, Grumpy Old Men, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Juno.

Travelers on any of Sun Country’s 95-plus routes in the U.S., Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean will be able to peruse the new buy-on-board items in phases beginning as early as this month. The partnership with Caribou Coffee, Fulton Brewing and Dot’s Pretzels is in addition to the airline’s existing partnerships with Midwest brands, including Prairie Organic Spirits and Jack Link’s Protein Snacks.

Sun Country has partnered with Caribou Coffee, Fulton Brewing and Dot’s Pretzels, all Minnesota-based companies, as part of its new initiative to provide a more Midwest experience to travelers on its flights. (Photo: Sun Country Airlines)

As part of its partnership with Caribou Coffee, Sun Country has designated Caribou Coffee the “Official Coffee” of Sun Country Airlines. The partnership also includes a $250,000 investment by Sun Country in galley equipment upgrades onboard its Boeing 737 jets to ensure the high flavor quality and consistency of Caribou Coffee freshly brewed across its fleet.

As part of these upgrades, however, Sun Country flights won’t begin serving complimentary fresh-brewed Caribou Coffee to passengers until early 2022 when these upgrades are completed. In the meantime, ready-to-drink Cold Brew cans are now available for purchase.

Beginning this week, travelers will be able to purchase Fulton Brewing’s “Sweet Child of Vine” IPA. Sun Country will also continue to stock the Minneapolis brewery’s Lonely Blonde Ale, which has stayed on the in-flight menu since 2019.

Passengers who purchase tickets in Sun Country’s “best seats,” will receive a complimentary bag of Dot’s Pretzels. Additional bags of Dot’s pretzel and other snack options are also available for in-flight purchase.

“We are thrilled to share more of what Minnesota has to offer onboard our flights,” said Brian Davis, Sun Country’s chief marketing officer. “With the addition of new local products from our friends at Caribou, Fulton Brewing and new food offerings like Dot’s Pretzels, we can share a little more of our hometown with our guests.”

To entice travelers to try the new Minnesota items, the airline offers the “Hometown Flavor Bundle” which gives travelers a discount for choosing Minnesota-based items. For example, travelers who purchase any Minnesota beer or liquor will be able to save $1 off the purchase of any snack.

Despite being a low-cost carrier, Sun Country provides free in-flight entertainment and complimentary non-alcoholic beverage service onboard its flights, including fruit juices, Coca-Cola, tea and coffee. The airline only charges for its snacks and alcoholic beverages. The airline has remained committed to supporting local and family-owned businesses, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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