LAX tunnel connecting Terminal 5 with Terminal 6 (Photo: Albert Kuan)

LAX’s Long-Standing History with Inter-Terminal Underground Tunnels

Before it became one of the busiest airports in the U.S., Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) started out as a small dirt landing strip void of the central terminal buildings and paparazzi that most are so used to seeing today. Most intercity travel in 1930s Los Angeles started and ended at the then newly-built Union Station in Downtown LA, and LAX only started having commercial flights during the late 1940s. It was only during the early 1960s and the arrival…

‘Great Southern Land’ Makes a Hollywood-Style Entrance at LAX

Qantas Airways showed off its new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner named "Great Southern Land" to an energized crowd at its Los Angeles hangar on Friday. The event took place before the aircraft's maiden commercial flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne that night. Several Qantas staff, news reporters, and invited guests were…