Photo provided by RyanAir

German Ryanair Bases and Pilot Homes Raided

UPDATE: Following the story coming to light, AirlineGeeks have been told that Ryanair has met with, and agreed to assist, the German tax authorities with their enquiry into a number of individual contractor pilots. The German tax authorities have confirmed that Ryanair is not the subject of any tax investigations. Ryanair requires all of its pilots, both directly employed and contractor, to be fully tax complaint at all times. On Tuesday, July 5, German tax authorities carried out a number of…

Ryanair Lock Horns with Europe’s Air Traffic Control

Low-cost airline Ryanair has called upon the European Commission and Parliament to take action to prevent further disruption following the latest air traffic controller's (ATC) decision to strike. Ryanair’s head of marketing, Kenny Jacobs, stated, “It's disgraceful that Europe’s consumers repeatedly have their travel plans disrupted or cancelled by the selfish…